Tuesday, February 17, 2009

North Dakota

Thursday: I left straight from ROTC lab at the Air Force Academy and headed up to Jenny's house. There, I changed, and then we hit the road! We drove for a few hours until north of Cheyenne in Glendo we hit this massive snowstorm out of nowhere. It totally sucked! So we stopped in Glendo and stayed at a cute, but expensive, motel.

Friday: That morning we woke to Wyoming still snowing and inches of snow on Jenny's car. We contemplated going back but decided to truck through, luckily! It was snowing for the most part of Wyoming and the roads were crappy, so we drove slowly. Once in South Dakota we hit the Black Hills, where it was even suckier. It was pretty, but long. Once out of the Black Hills it was much nicer and the snow was going away. It took forever to go through the rest of South Dakota and all the way across North Dakota. We got to Shannon's around 8pm. It was nice!

Saturday: Valentine's Day, and also Grant's 1st birthday! We spent most of the day relaxing, really. Playing with the boys and riding the snowmobile. I tried to do a u-turn on the snowmobile but almost got stuck. I was terrified it was about to fall over! Blake was pretty chill though, haha. After that the boys took a nap and we played Wii Fit. At 6 Bob's family came over for the party! Shannon had made a wonderful turkey dinner, it was great. We ate cake, opened presents, had some fun!

Sunday: Us girls headed to Fargo for the afternoon! We shopped and had lunch and enjoyed our time without the babies. I went to the Verizon Store to get a car charger and my cashier was from Colorado Springs, of all places! So he gave me a discount. We got home and spent more time with the boys before going to bed.

Monday: We woke up early and hit the road by 7:20am. I guess we had taken the longer way, so Bob gave us directions for the right way, and it cut off like 2 hours from our trip. Very welcome! We got to Denver at about 7:30pm our time (so it would be 8:30pm Shannon's time), and then I headed straight home. I felt well enough until I hit the road, and realized how exhausted I was. But I pushed through and got home at almost 9. I unpacked and went to bed!

Today I'm feeling all out of sorts. I almost lost my phone, and then I almost lost my wallet. I've just been absentminded and muddled in the brain. I think it's because my routine was changed and now I'm trying to catch up! I've also become stressed since getting home because of the work I still need to do. It's amazing! Now I'm watching a movie and trying to get myself back into the routine... before I mess it up when I go to Georgia!