Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ok, I finally got a chance to sit down and write something! Here's what has been going on:

The movers never came to get the boxes. So we tried to give them away. Those people never came to get the boxes. Ahh! So we threw them all away! Finally. Now I need to vacuum, and the apartment is looking almost complete. Pictures soon enough.

We went to Minnesota last Saturday through Tuesday. It was Brandon's great-grandmother's 90th birthday party. We saw his mom's side of the family, met people, ate some good food, and were super busy all weekend. And we slaves :P. We had to do yardwork the whole time! Oh well! We went to Mall of America the last day before going to the airport. I wish we could've spent more time there, it was fun, but that's ok! I rode on a ride with Mallory, and we also did this Nascar race game, fun fun! Our plane was delayed for non-existent storms in Atlanta, but we got home by 9:30 at night.

I am officially a ChaCha guide. This is a service where you can text or call questions in, and I'm the one who looks up the questions. I get some odd questions ("Does Devon like me?"), and some boring questions ("Directions to..."), but I get paid for each question I answer! So I'm trying to get some money brought it.

It's our anniversary tomorrow!! Yesterday we had a pseudo-anniversary, went to dinner and a movie. We also bought a bedroom set!! Finally!! I'm soooo excited for it to get here. I'll post pictures when it does next week. We're grown-ups now. :D

I know I wanted to write more, but I can't even think of it. We're going to relax by the pool later and get a tan. Today is just a relaxing day since Brandon will be in the field for 9-10 days starting tomorrow. :(

Oh! We had to get a rental car while Brandon's Mustang is in the shop getting a dent fixed. Luckily, the insurance covers all this. But the cool thing is... it's a 2010 Ford Fusion! It's the car I want! Well, I want the Hybrid, but this car is basically the same. I looooveee it. It drives great, it's pretty, it's fun. I want it! I have to wait a few more years. :)

Ok, I'm gone now. I'll try to post more to keep everyone who reads this (Mom :P) updated. I should try to get more relatives reading this, huh?

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Army Wife :)

Today was a good day! Right now I'm chilling in bed watching American Idol, which is comfy and fun. Brandon is in the field this week so I'm all alone until Friday... but that's the Army life!

Yesterday, the movers came. They didn't arrive until 3:30 but they were quick! I started unpacking last night, and continued a bit today. But wow, I still have tons to do!

So today was super busy. Brandon hooked me up with the wife of one of his classmates, so she called me on Monday. Today we were meeting the boys out in the field and bringing them lunch. We picked up lunch at Jimmy John's and brought drinks and chips too. Brandon loved it! The husbands were very happy to see all of us wives there (there were only 8 of us though). Still, it was great. Then we got to the fun part! We got to basically do some urban operations and "clear" a building, and the bad guys were our husbands, haha. So we shot them up with simulation rounds - paintball rounds basically from the M4. They hurt though!! I made Brandon bleed lol. Some guys were screaming, but it was all fun. We were all laughing at the end. Afterwards we just hung out before us wives had to leave so the boys could train!

I went home and then met the girls up for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. It was good! I just met these girls today and we hit it off. I hope we meet some more! We have other events to meet the guys and do things for them. I'm already loving it here and a million times happier!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hello, goodbye

I've finally had a few moments of rest so I can sit down and update my blog!

Jessica and I left on Thursday at 6am to drive to Georgia. It wasn't too bad of a day! I drove most of the way through Colorado and Kansas, and she slept in the passenger seat, and then we switched in Topeka. Kansas was actually much prettier than I remembered, maybe because it was spring. We got through Kansas City by about 2 in the afternoon (cool looking city) and started on our way through Missouri. Missouri was pretty, Jessica was driving the whole way, we enjoyed it. We got to St. Louis around dinner time and drove through the city, seeing the sights and the arch! We stopped for the night at Scott Air Force Base.

The next day, Friday, we got up and left at about 6:30am. This day we had a shorter drive, only about 10 hours. So we headed off through Illinois, Jessica driving first. It was pretty! I guess springtime made everything green. We got through Illinois quickly and started through Kentucky, though not really going through any big cities. After Kentucky we passed Fort Campbell, which was pretty and a base I think I'd live at, and then into Tennessee. Halfway through this state we got to Nashville, where we stopped just south of there for gas. That's a pretty city too! I liked it! Finally we got out of Tennesse and into Georgia! We still had a few hours in Georgia and we hit traffic in Atlanta (I was driving by then), but we reached Columbus by 4:30 ET.

The gates to the apartment complex were open, so I went in there and we pulled up in front of the building. We snuck up to the door and knocked on it and surprised Brandon! He didn't know where we were, so he had no clue we'd be home then. It was great :). The next day, Saturday, we drove back up to Atlanta to drop Jessica off on her flight back to Colorado Springs!

So yes, it's wonderful to be with my husband! It's messy here and totally empty, but today we're cleaning so the movers can bring our stuff tomorrow. It still feels weird to actually be living here and I'm not used to it yet, but I will be soon enough. I'm going to upload my photos on my Photobucket soon enough!

Sunday, May 10, 2009


I've become disillusioned with life.

I feel like I keep waiting for something to happen, and then... this is it. Nothing ever really HAPPENS, ya know what I mean? You have these incredible dreams of grandeur and then you get here, and all you are is here. When will you get there? Does that make sense? It's just overwhelming to think that this is it. Wake up, eat breakfast, shower, do work, socialize, fight, laugh, cry, eat some more, chat, drive places, eat some more, watch TV, chat, go to bed. Rewind, start again!

I need to take a few months off of life for a bit. Just to figure out some things. Who I am, what I am, where I am, why I am. The usual. I need to clear my mind, center my soul, learn to breathe again, learn to be happy again, and get some freedom of disturbance. Those Hellenistic philosophers had it right all along. Epoche is really the most important thing.

I digress.

I'm burnt out on life. I need a five minute smoke break from it, just to get away. Away from ALL of it.

This is all I can think about these days.

Friday, May 8, 2009

Live long and prosper

Ok, the Star Trek movie was pretty much awesome. I wasn't bored, I wasn't shocked by anything totally weird and outrageous (let's take for example the most recent Indiana Jones movie... shocking). Anyway, I'm really not going to spoil plot points, in case someone does read this and hasn't seen it yet. But I will say what I loved.

Plot: It was really a good plot. It was easy to follow, interesting, intriguing, and for those who have never seen anything Star Trek, it was understandable. I really actually had no clue what the plot was going into the movie, I was just excited for the fact there was a Star Trek movie! Plot was great :D

Technology: It was high tech, to say the least. The graphics were great, but it didn't look fake. It made you feel like you were really there.

Acting: Acting was phenomenal!! I have a soft spot in my heart for Zachary Quinto (love him as Sylar on Heroes), but he did an amazing job as Spock. He was perfect. I love Spock as is, haha. I loved the chemistry between Spock and Uhura. Zoe Saldana, a relatively unknown actress, played Uhura. She did great too. Anton Yelchin was funny as Chekov, and Sulu (John Cho) was great. They all emanated the characters from the original series. Karl Urban played Bones, and he reminded me of the original actor so much, same mannerisms and ability to deliver the lines perfectly. Of course, Scotty was funny. And last, not to leave out Chris Pine as Kirk, who played it wonderfully and worked with Quinto perfectly.

I really do hope they come out with a sequel. It has sequel potential, with the same characters. I don't want it to ruin TOS, but it still could be great. I'm going to see it again soon with Brandon when I get there next week! :D

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pig Sickness

My swine flu is flaring up! No, I'm just sick, thanks mom. (I know you're reading this! hehe). I have a cough and a sore throat, and my head feels heavy. I also feel hot, though today at class I was freezing. But my temperature was fine! Oh well. I still feel sick. Yesterday when I was running, it burned like hell in my lungs. Hopefully tomorrow it doesn't burn as bad!

Apparently my research paper isn't due until Thursday. She changed the date last Tuesday, when I wasn't in class because I was moving. Oh well, at least it's all done! I handed in my philosophy paper. I'm going to miss that class tremendously. The teacher was great, the students fun, the material interesting... it's too bad I didn't discover this teacher earlier! She's having a baby in August too, how exciting. I got my final for my Christianity class... so close to being done!!

I have ten more days until I see Brandon. Wow, it's going quick, and I have a lot to do. I still have to meet up with Brandon's parents, get an oil change, finish school, pack my car again, return my equipment... and more and more...

I need to make a list of everything I want to accomplish this summer. I plan on making a plan. :D

Monday, May 4, 2009

Getting there!

I thought I'd shoot out a quick blog before I start writing my paper!!

1. In a week, I'm finally cutting my hair and I'm going to dye it for the first time *gasp*. I'm scared, but excited for a change. If I don't like it, I'll just dye my hair back eventually, and grow it out! I love my hair color, but I want to try dyeing it once in my life.

2. 11 more days until I see Brandon!! Jessica is driving with me and we're spending the night somewhere in Illinois, I think. Then we should be in Georgia by dinner-time May 15. I'm so excited! Brandon is in the field this week, so I don't get to talk to him... but we're so close to being together again. I am nervous about when he goes to Ranger School. It'll definitely be hard, but I think we can make it through. Hopefully I don't get too bored!

3. I helped my mom make a yummy lunch today, and tonight I'm making them the fish dinner I always make. I hope it turns out ok! I haven't had any problems with it, but I'm cooking 4 fillets instead of 1, like usual. It's a yummy recipe. What I do is take some Tilapia fish, then pour over it a mixture of butter, lemon juice, salt and paprika (not sure proportions, but enough to cover all the fish). Heat oven to 375, pop in for about 20 minutes or until flaky, then dinner is served! I like to serve it with potatoes, rice, quinoa or steamed veggies.

4. One more essay and two finals to do. Essay should be done today...

5. My Nanny (mom's mom) is coming down for a visit May 12, because we leave. Yay!

6. My mom had a stent put in an artery this past Friday to help alleviate her chest pain. She has a cold and has some bruising from blood thinners, but she hasn't had any chest pain since the surgery. That's great! Let's hope it continues!!

7. May 15, I think I'll start my picture a day thing on my blog. Maybe picture a week. Or picture every once in awhile... I have projects I want to do once I get to Georgia, like painting my bookshelf, and loading all my pics on Photobucket for all to see, reading tons of books, working out at the gym, volunteering at museums, cooking new meals, and of course writing. I hope I don't need to get a job...

Alright, I think I'll write my paper now. :P