Sunday, May 31, 2009

Ok, I finally got a chance to sit down and write something! Here's what has been going on:

The movers never came to get the boxes. So we tried to give them away. Those people never came to get the boxes. Ahh! So we threw them all away! Finally. Now I need to vacuum, and the apartment is looking almost complete. Pictures soon enough.

We went to Minnesota last Saturday through Tuesday. It was Brandon's great-grandmother's 90th birthday party. We saw his mom's side of the family, met people, ate some good food, and were super busy all weekend. And we slaves :P. We had to do yardwork the whole time! Oh well! We went to Mall of America the last day before going to the airport. I wish we could've spent more time there, it was fun, but that's ok! I rode on a ride with Mallory, and we also did this Nascar race game, fun fun! Our plane was delayed for non-existent storms in Atlanta, but we got home by 9:30 at night.

I am officially a ChaCha guide. This is a service where you can text or call questions in, and I'm the one who looks up the questions. I get some odd questions ("Does Devon like me?"), and some boring questions ("Directions to..."), but I get paid for each question I answer! So I'm trying to get some money brought it.

It's our anniversary tomorrow!! Yesterday we had a pseudo-anniversary, went to dinner and a movie. We also bought a bedroom set!! Finally!! I'm soooo excited for it to get here. I'll post pictures when it does next week. We're grown-ups now. :D

I know I wanted to write more, but I can't even think of it. We're going to relax by the pool later and get a tan. Today is just a relaxing day since Brandon will be in the field for 9-10 days starting tomorrow. :(

Oh! We had to get a rental car while Brandon's Mustang is in the shop getting a dent fixed. Luckily, the insurance covers all this. But the cool thing is... it's a 2010 Ford Fusion! It's the car I want! Well, I want the Hybrid, but this car is basically the same. I looooveee it. It drives great, it's pretty, it's fun. I want it! I have to wait a few more years. :)

Ok, I'm gone now. I'll try to post more to keep everyone who reads this (Mom :P) updated. I should try to get more relatives reading this, huh?