Monday, June 1, 2009

Goodbye, my perfect car!

I took back the Ford Fusion today and hopped back into the Mustang. Not that I can complain that I'm driving the Mustang for the next week while Brandon is in the field. He told me to be extra careful. That doesn't make sense. I have never ever been in an accident... just a few speeding tickets, but whatever. There's no reason not to trust me with the car! Oh well, I've got it now. :)

Anyway, the National Infantry Museum called me today to ask me to attend their volunteer orientation. How exciting!! I'm getting closer to volunteering at museums! I can add all this to my resume. Bad thing is that the opening is June 19th, the day after Brandon graduates, and his family will still be here. They want me to volunteer for the opening. Colin Powell will be there that day! I dunno if I can pass this up, it'll be a big deal... whatever, Brandon can take care of his family while I work. I know I'm not getting paid, but it's important.

Workouts have begun. I biked for half an hour. I'll do a weigh in every Friday on my little scale in the bathroom :). We can track my weight progress! The goal is 125 lbs by October 1. That's four months, easy easy. I might go weigh myself now, since I forgot to this morning. Tomorrow is Yoga. They have tons of fitness classes and I want to try and take one maybe every day. Then I can workout more afterwards. Yay. Working out is SO much better when you can decide what you want to do. I don't HAVE to run or do pushups or situps!! It's liberating.

Writing hasn't even started... I need to start reading this writing book so I can start my mind flowing. I have some good short story ideas, but where will that get me? Hopefully I can write those on the side and work on the big novel.

Speaking of which... maybe a blog tomorrow... what novel will I write?