Friday, June 26, 2009

Friday Weigh In

June 5: 133.8
June 12: 131.6
June 22: 134.4

June 26: 133.2

I'm going back down! lol. We haven't eaten out since the in-laws left, though tomorrow we're going to lunch at a good restaurant, and then Sunday we have dinner with friends... but it isn't every day. I've also started to work out more again! My knee has been hurting, but it's good for me. :) So yeah, back on track with the weight loss.

In other news, I thought it would be appropriate to include here that three famous people died this week! Yesterday, Farrah Fawcett died of cancer at age 62, and then later in the day Michael Jackson was found unconscious and died in the hospital. He was 50 years old. Wow! I kind of feel sorry for Farrah Fawcett, since she was suffering for awhile and her passing was overshadowed by Michael Jackson's sudden death. RIP you two! Ed McMahon also died on June 23. I never even heard of his death until yesterday, which is sad, since he was a star in his own right. So RIP Ed :)

I've volunteered a couple times this week. It was boring, haha. I just feel burnt out. This summer was supposed to be my summer, not working, doing what I want, and writing, reading, you know? So I cut my volunteering down to one morning a week. They keep asking me to come in... but I mean, if they aren't paying me, I'm not going to spend all my time there, right?

As for writing... I've been reading writing books. I bought myself a fountain pen (should arrive in a couple days!), and plan on starting to write by hand soon. I found that I just can't type up a story unless I have it written on paper. I write my best stuff on paper. The bad part is that my wrist is hurt (doctor said I might have arthritis), so it hurts when I write. I put Icy-Hot on it, it helps a bit, but it still hurts. So that's something I'll have to push through!

Anyway, time to go do some work here. ;)