Sunday, June 28, 2009

My Saturday

I had a very good Saturday yesterday with Brandon, I thought I should share it! We woke up, ate some breakfast, spent a couple hours in the morning reading on the couch together. He finished his book and I chugged through my book fairly far. (By the way, I hate the book I'm reading, but I told myself I'd read it! lol It's New Moon, the second in the Twilight series). Anyway, then we got ready to go out.

We had an early lunch at Jason's Deli, a yummy organic deli restaurant with some great sandwiches! After lunch we went to see Transformers 2. I liked it! Brandon wasn't incredibly impressed, but I'm fairly easy to entertain. After the movie we went shopping and finally bought some side table lamps to go with our news bedroom set! Thank goodness!

We came home, ate dinner, hung out for a bit, then headed to Fort Benning for a Fourth of July celebration! Yeah, a week early, but it was fun. They had a fair thing going on, with games and booths with fair food. We had fun! They had bands playing, and at the end was the Edwin McCain Band (who sing "I'll Be", you probably know it). We watched them. It was awesome! And fireworks were shot off at the end too.

So we had tons of fun, I'm glad we went. :D