Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day!

Happy Father's Day! I need to call my dad, but I'll do that later, since it's only 9am here, meaning it's 7am where he is. :) Brandon's family is still here, so we're spending Father's Day with them!

Anyway, I've had a fairly good weekend. Friday, of course, was the grand opening of the museum. I saw Colin Powell and shook Gen. Hal Moore's hand! (We Were Soldiers, if you don't know). I still need to post pictures, so just wait a bit for it. They also had a great show with paratroopers and BlackHawk helicopters. It was fun! I left before I really had to do anything for the museum, I just was worried since there were so many people. They keep calling me to volunteer, it's becoming a full time job, practically!

Saturday we took the family to the museum. We spent nearly 3 hours there! The exhibits are awesome and very informative. We then had lunch at Jason's Deli (yum), went to the grocery store real quick, and came home. We watched Curious Case of Benjamin Button, which was a great movie. Then had dinner (we made chili) and played Scrabble.

Today we are having a barbecue, swimming a bit, going to the Civil War Naval Museum, and I dunno what else! But I'm having a good time. :)