Wednesday, June 3, 2009


Ok, I finally got my calendar set. I thought I might not need to use my iCal during the summer, but it's looking like I have to! I have exercising, errands to run, writing projects, other random projects, my ChaCha job, and my volunteer job, to keep track of.

Speaking of volunteering, I am now a volunteer at the National Infantry Museum. I don't know when I start... I could start on Friday, but I need to buy a pair of khakis for it, and I don't feel like it yet! And besides, I had plans to work out with some Army wives on Friday. Anyway, today I had my basic volunteer orientation, and then I worked out and had lunch. After, I went back to the museum for another museum overview, for those who want to be docents (tour guides). There's a whole lot to learn!! Over the next couple of weeks until the museum opens, June 19th, I'll be taking classes and taking tests to certify myself in areas around the museum. There's so much to learn, but luckily I love history, so it's easy for me. We didn't get to walk around the museum today, but from what I can see, it's amazing. I get all antsy to explore more.

I met some other volunteers as well. Most of the volunteers are three-times my age and wrinkly... but they're nice. I hope I don't work TOO many hours there, especially since I'm still getting used to the fact that I'm volunteering and not getting paid. I'm excited to work there and put it on my resume, though.

I previously mentioned I'd speak about my stories and which ones I want to choose. I started reading a book about writing and found two stories sticking out in my mind. They weren't typically what I write, but they were always ones I planned on writing. So I chose the one dearest to my heart. Tell me what you think.

Working on Heaven: In a small town, the lives of six friends are changed forever when one of their own commits suicide. Now the six must cope with this tragedy while continuing their own lives. Evan, the twin brother of the deceased Eric, is left now as the only child of the mayor, a man who hopes his son will continue in his political footsteps. Rose, the girlfriend of Eric, who has lost her first love and one of her best friends. Julia and Alex, two teenagers in love who find themselves in trouble when Julia gets pregnant. Josh, the son of the pastor, a boy battling against the religion he grew up in and his own feelings on faith. And Camille, who is relatively new to the town, and finds herself in deep when she begins an affair with the police officer who found Eric's body. The six friends must go through their senior year of high school facing adversity, pain, and the future, while trying to decipher who Eric did what he did.

I got this story idea in my senior year of high school. That year began with a suicide, ended with a suicide, and there were four or five in between those two. It was a weird year... almost one suicide a month. Anyway, it brought me into this story, and I've developed it in my mind over the years. The title came from my friend Kathleen when I said that sometimes I think these stories might be where I end up when I die, and she said I was "working on my own heaven." I think the title fits in this story.

Anyway, thoughts? I know it's kinda morbid, but I think it'll be a good story!