Thursday, June 18, 2009


Ok, is nearly up and running!! I have uploaded all my photos onto Shutterfly (finally... that only took 4 days!), and now I need to attach them to the website. So keep checking back and I'm sure I'll get it done eventually.

Yesterday, I did training on the rifle simulator at the museum. It's the same program that they use for soldiers in training. It's a virtual program that uses real M4's, though just with lasers. It's fun! They want me to work there basically full time - not anywhere else in the museum. I'm not cool with that, since I really want to do tours. Brandon laughs because he said he would do the simulator all day. That's Brandon, though!

Speaking of Brandon, he graduates Infantry Officer Basic Course today! So he is officially an Infantry Officer. I'll be sure to get pics up on Shutterfly, and maybe clip one onto here (though they come out wrong, I'm still sort of sorting that out). We picked up his parents yesterday in Atlanta... long, boring drive to Atlanta... and ate dinner at Cheddar's, which is a yummy restaurant. Now we are waiting here for Brandon to either come home from work, or us to just go to the graduation, which starts at 2 this afternoon.

I now need to cut up a cantaloupe and do my hair. :)