Monday, May 4, 2009

Getting there!

I thought I'd shoot out a quick blog before I start writing my paper!!

1. In a week, I'm finally cutting my hair and I'm going to dye it for the first time *gasp*. I'm scared, but excited for a change. If I don't like it, I'll just dye my hair back eventually, and grow it out! I love my hair color, but I want to try dyeing it once in my life.

2. 11 more days until I see Brandon!! Jessica is driving with me and we're spending the night somewhere in Illinois, I think. Then we should be in Georgia by dinner-time May 15. I'm so excited! Brandon is in the field this week, so I don't get to talk to him... but we're so close to being together again. I am nervous about when he goes to Ranger School. It'll definitely be hard, but I think we can make it through. Hopefully I don't get too bored!

3. I helped my mom make a yummy lunch today, and tonight I'm making them the fish dinner I always make. I hope it turns out ok! I haven't had any problems with it, but I'm cooking 4 fillets instead of 1, like usual. It's a yummy recipe. What I do is take some Tilapia fish, then pour over it a mixture of butter, lemon juice, salt and paprika (not sure proportions, but enough to cover all the fish). Heat oven to 375, pop in for about 20 minutes or until flaky, then dinner is served! I like to serve it with potatoes, rice, quinoa or steamed veggies.

4. One more essay and two finals to do. Essay should be done today...

5. My Nanny (mom's mom) is coming down for a visit May 12, because we leave. Yay!

6. My mom had a stent put in an artery this past Friday to help alleviate her chest pain. She has a cold and has some bruising from blood thinners, but she hasn't had any chest pain since the surgery. That's great! Let's hope it continues!!

7. May 15, I think I'll start my picture a day thing on my blog. Maybe picture a week. Or picture every once in awhile... I have projects I want to do once I get to Georgia, like painting my bookshelf, and loading all my pics on Photobucket for all to see, reading tons of books, working out at the gym, volunteering at museums, cooking new meals, and of course writing. I hope I don't need to get a job...

Alright, I think I'll write my paper now. :P