Thursday, April 30, 2009

In the middle of everywhere...

I just remembered I have a vacuum in my trunk for my little sister... lol. Oh, and I need to return the Comcast box! Ah! I'll do that tomorrow.

Ok, back to what I was going to say. I am fully moved into my mom's house. When was the last time I posted? Monday? So Tuesday I had to wait for the movers to come and actually load the truck. So I got there at 8am. And waited... and waited... and waited. They finally arrived a little after 5pm. That's 9 hours!! What a horrible day. And then it took them 2.5 hours to load the truck, which really wasn't bad, but still I was exhausted.

So living here is interesting. There are a LOT of people here. 3 renters, 2 parents, 1 stepbrother, 1 sister, 1 Chantal, and 3 dogs. And then they're getting another renter coming this Sunday, so I have to move in with Jessica for the remainder.

My nanny is coming down soon though! She's coming to take care of my poor mom. :)