Thursday, April 23, 2009

Anniversary Gifts

Our anniversary is coming up soon! About 5 weeks! It's exciting. I can't believe it's gone by so fast. It's been pretty easy too. 3 more weeks until I move to Georgia, I definitely can't wait. I miss him so much. I forget what it's like to live with him! haha. I'll get into the swing of things fairly quickly.

So I've always wanted to do special anniversary gifts. I looked up the traditional gifts, and I love the idea! I also found many lists that say both traditional and modern gifts that are given every anniversary.

This year: Paper or Clocks.

So we decided that we would get each other a gift with one of those themes. I figure paper is the easiest... but if I see a clock thing, maybe I'll do that! I'll need to do some shopping around! I hope Brandon doesn't forget. :P


Just A Girl From L.A. said...

Happy early Anniversary! We just had our 2 year!