Monday, April 27, 2009

PPWC and Moving

I attended the Pikes Peak Writer's Conference this weekend, and needless to say, it rocked! I went as Mallory's chaperone, so technically I wasn't attending, but I still took notes and chatted with people about my writing. I met James N. Frey, Jeffery Deaver, Barbara Samuel, Deborah Leblanc, and a bunch of other writers. It was amazing.

Friday we attended three seminars before the dinner (which I didn't pay for, but got a free meal anyway, yay). The first was Marketing and Promoting, taught by Deborah Leblanc. It had some great information. I totally forget what we attended for the second one, so I'll have to fill in later, haha. The third was a fiction synopsis class, which was kind of boring, but helpful.

Saturday we first went to the continental breakfast. Then we had 3 seminars in the morning. The first was Writing a Historical Novel, which for me had some good information, but Mallory didn't like it as much. The second we attended was Transformational Characters Arcs, by Linda Seger, who was a helpful teacher. Her class was good. The third, before lunch, was another class... wow, I'm having trouble remembering! Lunch was good, and then we worked in the bookstore for a bit. I bought a few books, haha. They're helpful though. And then we had two more classes about goals and time management, and getting unstuck.

Sunday we had the continental breakfast again, and then off to our final 3 classes! Another class by Deborah Leblanc about creating memorable characters, and then a class outlining Front Story, Backstory, and Foreshadowing. The final class was on theme by Linda Seger, yet another helpful class! Then we had lunch and we were off!

The weekend went by so fast, and affirmed the fact that I want to be a writer. It'll be extremely hard work and I need to keep that in mind, but I also need to make sure it doesn't dissuade me from writing. I love writing so much and love my stories. So that's the plan for the future!

The movers are here right now. Their names are Richard and Josh. They are packing all my stuff. They are also very nice and keep chatting with me. I'm going to buy them pizza!