Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Pig Sickness

My swine flu is flaring up! No, I'm just sick, thanks mom. (I know you're reading this! hehe). I have a cough and a sore throat, and my head feels heavy. I also feel hot, though today at class I was freezing. But my temperature was fine! Oh well. I still feel sick. Yesterday when I was running, it burned like hell in my lungs. Hopefully tomorrow it doesn't burn as bad!

Apparently my research paper isn't due until Thursday. She changed the date last Tuesday, when I wasn't in class because I was moving. Oh well, at least it's all done! I handed in my philosophy paper. I'm going to miss that class tremendously. The teacher was great, the students fun, the material interesting... it's too bad I didn't discover this teacher earlier! She's having a baby in August too, how exciting. I got my final for my Christianity class... so close to being done!!

I have ten more days until I see Brandon. Wow, it's going quick, and I have a lot to do. I still have to meet up with Brandon's parents, get an oil change, finish school, pack my car again, return my equipment... and more and more...

I need to make a list of everything I want to accomplish this summer. I plan on making a plan. :D