Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Army Wife :)

Today was a good day! Right now I'm chilling in bed watching American Idol, which is comfy and fun. Brandon is in the field this week so I'm all alone until Friday... but that's the Army life!

Yesterday, the movers came. They didn't arrive until 3:30 but they were quick! I started unpacking last night, and continued a bit today. But wow, I still have tons to do!

So today was super busy. Brandon hooked me up with the wife of one of his classmates, so she called me on Monday. Today we were meeting the boys out in the field and bringing them lunch. We picked up lunch at Jimmy John's and brought drinks and chips too. Brandon loved it! The husbands were very happy to see all of us wives there (there were only 8 of us though). Still, it was great. Then we got to the fun part! We got to basically do some urban operations and "clear" a building, and the bad guys were our husbands, haha. So we shot them up with simulation rounds - paintball rounds basically from the M4. They hurt though!! I made Brandon bleed lol. Some guys were screaming, but it was all fun. We were all laughing at the end. Afterwards we just hung out before us wives had to leave so the boys could train!

I went home and then met the girls up for dinner at Buffalo Wild Wings. It was good! I just met these girls today and we hit it off. I hope we meet some more! We have other events to meet the guys and do things for them. I'm already loving it here and a million times happier!!