Sunday, May 17, 2009

Hello, goodbye

I've finally had a few moments of rest so I can sit down and update my blog!

Jessica and I left on Thursday at 6am to drive to Georgia. It wasn't too bad of a day! I drove most of the way through Colorado and Kansas, and she slept in the passenger seat, and then we switched in Topeka. Kansas was actually much prettier than I remembered, maybe because it was spring. We got through Kansas City by about 2 in the afternoon (cool looking city) and started on our way through Missouri. Missouri was pretty, Jessica was driving the whole way, we enjoyed it. We got to St. Louis around dinner time and drove through the city, seeing the sights and the arch! We stopped for the night at Scott Air Force Base.

The next day, Friday, we got up and left at about 6:30am. This day we had a shorter drive, only about 10 hours. So we headed off through Illinois, Jessica driving first. It was pretty! I guess springtime made everything green. We got through Illinois quickly and started through Kentucky, though not really going through any big cities. After Kentucky we passed Fort Campbell, which was pretty and a base I think I'd live at, and then into Tennessee. Halfway through this state we got to Nashville, where we stopped just south of there for gas. That's a pretty city too! I liked it! Finally we got out of Tennesse and into Georgia! We still had a few hours in Georgia and we hit traffic in Atlanta (I was driving by then), but we reached Columbus by 4:30 ET.

The gates to the apartment complex were open, so I went in there and we pulled up in front of the building. We snuck up to the door and knocked on it and surprised Brandon! He didn't know where we were, so he had no clue we'd be home then. It was great :). The next day, Saturday, we drove back up to Atlanta to drop Jessica off on her flight back to Colorado Springs!

So yes, it's wonderful to be with my husband! It's messy here and totally empty, but today we're cleaning so the movers can bring our stuff tomorrow. It still feels weird to actually be living here and I'm not used to it yet, but I will be soon enough. I'm going to upload my photos on my Photobucket soon enough!