Thursday, July 23, 2009

I got a job!

So I know I wasn't going to get a job this summer - I was taking a break, figuring things out, enjoying myself. Well, since Brandon leaves on Sunday and will be gone for 9 weeks, I needed something to keep me busy, right? I figured that first week I'd be fine, I would be busy. Then it would start to wear on me. It's not like I have a huge home to take care of, or babies, or even pets, to keep me busy. So I decided to apply for jobs!

I applied at Macy's on Thursday, got an email basically that night from them to schedule an appointment for an interview, and the had the interview on Tuesday.

The interview started as a group interview. There were 7 of us in a room sitting in a U-shape table formation. The two interviewers were at the front. It was rather quick. They had us introduce ourselves, explain why we wanted to work at Macy's, and then handed out cards with different words and explain what they meant. I got "Respect." I didn't think I did so well at the group interview because at the end they asked us if we had any questions. Of course, I couldn't think of any. I finally scrounged one up and asked about how schedules worked.

At the end the reception came to all of us in the hall and said she had to ask for some to stay behind to finish paperwork. That means that those who she didn't name didn't get the job, fairly easy to tell. I got all sad for a second. Then she named my name! It was funny, there was another "Shantal" there, so when she said Chantal, I thought it was the other girl! Until she said "Chantal.... S?" and I knew it was me. So there were 4 of us named from that session.

We waited in another area and then got called in individually to interview with the HR Manager. She was really nice and easy to talk to. Then she offered me the job right there on the spot for Fine Jewelry! I was amazed. I had to go back later with my Social Security Card and to fill out paperwork, which I did.

I start my official training on Monday! I'm very excited to have something to keep me busy while also making a bit of money. We agreed that 10% of my check is mine to do what I want with. The rest goes to paying off my student loans. I need to buy some black clothes for work now, and then I want to buy some dress clothes for the future. Then I want Wii Fit or Wii Active... and then I'm saving up for my puppy!!