Monday, August 3, 2009

My Weekend

Ok, I didn't do my weigh-in. We can safely say that I weigh about the same as I always have! Haha. I've had a crazy weekend so far... very busy. Lemme tell you. :)

Wednesday: So I'll start with Wednesday. I had work this day from 12 to 6, training for my new job. Brandon was at Ranger School. I was debating bringing my phone to the floor, just in case Brandon calls. But I told myself, and my little sister, "there's like a .1% chance he calls!" Soooo... I go on my break at 3:10 and I have 4 phone calls, one as recent as 3:02. I freaked out! He had been dropped from the course for failing land nav and I had to pick him up. His last call said he was getting a cab and he didn't know what to do. I didn't know what to do either! So I tell my boss I have an emergency (this is pretty much an emergency!) and drive home. I paced the apartment for an hour and a half until he came home. Well that was a relief. So now that he was home, that meant that we were moving, ASAP. That's another freak-out on its own. That night we went to dinner with friends.

Thursday: I had a doctor's appointment to be put onto Brandon's orders. Afterwards, I went to Macy's to quit my job. I felt horrible! I had just started there and now I was gone. Oh well, though, that's the life I live now. The rest of the day was fairly relaxing, except for all the planning we're starting now.

Friday: Friday I had an oil change to refute what Wal-Mart said (that they couldn't change my oil because it was leaking). Nope, no leak, perfectly fine. Stupid Wal-Mart! After I went home to hang out, and then that afternoon I volunteered at the museum. It was my last day doing that. I decided to stop then because of all the moving stuff and stress. That night we had a little barbecue with some of Brandon's friends from work. That was fun!

Saturday: We went up to Atlanta on Saturday, originally going to a gun shop one of Brandon's friends wanted to see. Afterwards, we went to DSW for me to exchange shoes I had bought awhile ago. We had lunch there. Then we wanted to go to the Aquarium, but ended up not because the line was massive. That was sad. :( But across the street was the Museum of Patriotism! We went there and got in for way cheap because we're military. It was a pretty good museum. Then we left for the baseball field - we were meeting friends there to watch the Braves vs Dodgers game. That was a great game! After, we were so tired, we went home.

Sunday: Not much today. Errands, cleaning, grocery shopping, and going to the store with the same friend as above to look for a gun safe. Didn't find one we liked, though. I invited the friend over for dinner with us. He stayed for spaghetti and played Wii with us. We also all decided to go to Savannah this upcoming weekend to go to another gun show and spend the weekend there. How fun will that be!

Anyway, I've been super busy. Today, working out and running more errands. Then I need to read some of this moving material to get it all straightened in my head. Have a good day!