Thursday, December 18, 2008

Attacking Winter

The Colonel says that: You've got to attack winter.

And so we did.

We've been so cold in our apartment every day since the weather turned. We know it's because of our windows. We can feel the air coming in, see the blinds moving, and know that's where the cold is coming. So finally I got an idea! Justin at work told me about these insulating window coverings that shrink-wrap your windows. So we bought them (very cheap, btw), and went to work.

It was tough because our windows are shaped weird and have random parts sticking out. We both kept our patience, because we get frustrated easy with things and with each other, and got to it. About an hour later and two windows down, we were done! I feel warmer already.

On another note, I've been horribly lazy. My body is working fine, my mind isn't. We finally went to work out this morning and boy, was it bad. I ran a quarter of a mile in 2.05 minutes, which is good, but couldn't breathe afterwards! I finished the half mile but had to stop. My lungs were closing, lol. My half mile was 4.55min :(.

Goal for me: Half mile under 4min, mile under 8min, by January 20th. Can I do it? No more laziness!!

<3 Chantal