Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Wait, weight?

I don't weigh that much. I really don't. I weigh between 130 and 135 nowadays. But it bugs me sometimes. I used to weigh 120, and I didn't sway much from that. Then I went up to 125. I was ok with that. Then I went up to 130. OK, I can live with that, I understand I'm getting old. But I've been hanging around at 135 for awhile now.

I figure it's because I haven't worked out a lot because of my surgery. But I've started to work out more in the last few months and my weight hasn't gone down. It bothers me to no end! I haven't changed how I eat, but that shouldn't make me gain weight? I don't know...

I really shouldn't obsess about my weight. I don't look big. I feel healthy (most days ;)), and I read all about how it's more important that you're healthy than thin. But it's the Army. They want me thin! I have to stay under a certain weight or they do a BMI on me. The military is obsessed with weight. It's kind of annoying and disheartening... I've even had one cadre member say that I had gained weight and looked fat. That's when I was 125. Way to wear down my existence, huh?



SD said...

Don't forget that muscle weighs more than fat. So if you build up weigh more. :]

PS -- you're beautiful!

SD said...

PS: This is Matt, not a creepy stalker, kthx.