Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Dollar Dances, Baby Bugs and Photos

We're going to Minnesota Memorial Day weekend because its Brandon's great-grandmother's 90th birthday. It'll be fun, and we basically HAVE to go, no matter what! She is so excited to see him and meet me for the first time. I found out today that us two are running the Dollar Dance! I guess Brandon is starting the dance with his great-grandmother and I'm the "gatekeeper", so I let people cut in and I collect the money. It'll be fun and she totally has her mind set on it. Poor Brandon though, he hates dancing!

I am jealous of a friend who is expecting a baby. I shouldn't be. Brandon and I have a plan, we will start trying for babies in 2012. It still makes me anxious. I don't know... I guess I just would love to have one. We are not ready though! We have stuff we would like to do and get financially stable. I just get the baby bug sometimes... I should get a puppy.

I was going to do a 365 days of photos... except I never did. I am so lazy!

School is going good. I'm home now. It's nice, but I miss Brandon a lot, as usual.