Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Writer's Block

I sat down here yesterday to write a blog about my travels. I am completely lost for words! How can a writer not write? I hate being so blocked. I'm afraid that when I do start writing for a career that I'll be totally lost, stuck inside my house with words in my head and not on paper. Maybe I'm not writing about the right things. I want to record everything that happens, but reading back it looks like a list of events, nothing of emotion or thoughts.

I keep turning the idea of writing a book about college through my mind. But would anyone read it? I don't know my audience... it seems like a lot of it would be about ROTC, yet so many people don't know about that. How interesting would that be? Maybe I should write it anyway, and see how it turns out. Maybe someone would publish it posthumously... (which is a word I still can't pronounce very well!)

Now I'm lying here on Brandon's inflatable bed, watching "Grace is Gone." It's a sad movie about a father who is dealing with the death of his wife, who died in Iraq, and how he should tell his daughters. It's good.

I think I need to collect all the things I'm good at and make it into something. Here's some things that I'm good at:

1. Writing
2. Talking/Gossip
3. Trivia
4. Watching movies
5. Watching TV
6. Sitting at my computer for hours on end
7. Reading

Hm... not much of a list of talents, right? Though I could start a blog or website about movie reviews and celebrity gossip... could I do that? I have no idea about HTML. It's something I could do at home no matter where I am.

Where am I?