Monday, October 26, 2009

This Past Weekend

My mom and stepdad had planned a trip to Hawaii even before we found out we were being stationed here. They arrived this weekend on Saturday! They came in at 11 am, but weren't going to be at our house until around 4 pm. I used this opportunity as an excuse to clean up the house. We needed to vacuum, sweep, mow the lawn, wash windows, clean up bathrooms, everything imaginable in the house. It was actually pretty fun for me! Brandon, not so much. But we did it. :) Afterwards we went to the PX and commissary to pick some things up, and watched some Lost.

Mom and John arrived right before 4. We sat down and chatted for awhile, caught up on things, and then Brandon BBQ'd some pork chops. It was a great dinner with salad and fresh French bread and perfectly cooked brown rice, with the pork. We hung out a bit longer before they were so tired. They went to bed pretty early, on Hawaii time, but pretty late on Colorado time!

The next day we made a great breakfast with eggs, bacon and toast, and some fresh pineapple. Afterwards, I joined my mom at the commissary so they could shop for their cabin. They're staying at a cabin on the beach at Bellows, which are equipped with kitchens so they can cook. They only stayed with us one night because they couldn't get into the cabin until Sunday afternoon. After grocery shopping, we came home and packed up to go to Bellows Beach for some swimming and tanning. I love that beach! There were tons of people there that afternoon, we were amazed, but it was still great.

Mom and John made us a great steak dinner off the barbeque at their cabin, before Brandon and I headed home for the night. We had had a long day and were tired, and Brandon had to get up early this morning for work.

I had a pretty good weekend, and I think Brandon did too, except for the fact that he was sick with a cold for most of it. My parents loved the dog and kitty and they played with them the whole time they stayed at our house. When Brandon leaves I'm going to hang out with them a bit more, swimming at the beach, shopping in Waikiki, and going to the Polynesian Cultural Center. I'm excited!