Friday, October 9, 2009

This Weekend

We're going to have a busy weekend! Brandon has a 4 day weekend because of Columbus Day, so we've packed it full of stuff.

Friday: Running errands. We have stuff to do, stuff to register, stuff to buy. We'll finally get it all done!

Saturday: Might be going scuba diving, finally!

Sunday: I dunno yet, haha. But probably more beach time!

Monday: Waimea Falls and Waimea Bay. Fun!!

So today we really need to look into scuba diving. He wants to just rent the equip and beach dive, while I'm extremely wary about going by ourselves for our first time. Brandon found a friend at work who scuba's and basically lives on the ocean, so we could dive there. I still don't want to yet!! I'd rather pay the extra money and be safe.

We might go to a luau, if the diving falls through. I'd love to do that!

Anyway, the weekend will be busy, spending time together. I'm excited for it!