Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Something I found

For the girls who get to kiss their boyfriends before they go to bed... Feel Fortunate.

For the girls who can walk the malls hand in hand with the one they love.. Feel Privileged.

For the girls who get showered with hugs and kisses each day... Feel Glorious.

For the girls that can cry and have the love of your life hold you telling you it'll be okay.. Feel Lucky.

For the girls who have a hard time when their boyfriend goes out of town for the weekend.. Feel Blessed.

For the girls who have no idea what their men are doing during the week... Stay Strong!

For the girls who see the love of their life once every few months due to distance.. Keep Smiling!

For the girls that have to hold their heads up when they haven't heard from their men in weeks.. Stand Tall!

For the girls who race out to the mailbox every day just hoping for a letter... Don't Give Up!

For the girls who have boyfriends that are going to defend their freedom.. Feel Proud!