Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The Future?

A daydream that Brandon sparked in my mind!

We've been speaking about what we want to do in the future, where we want to live, etc. Here's a plan that we hashed out! (It's just a dream, doesn't mean it's real)

So Brandon would get out of the Army in 3 years, then we'd probably move back to Colorado. There, we'd start our family and work, get a house, you know, just be there! We'd love to have our children with family nearby so they can hang out with them too.

After a few years and a couple kids we've been thinking about moving somewhere. I don't know exactly where, but we were thinking out of the country. Canada came up (maybe in British Columbia), but I was totally thinking Europe. We suggested Switzerland or Norway, maybe the Netherlands or Denmark or Belgium. Brandon liked the idea of England, though I wanted something other than England since I've already lived there! He's comfortable with the idea of being in a country that speaks the same language as him - understandable. We've ruled out France, Germany, Spain, Finland, and Sweden! Oh, and all the Eastern European countries.

Anyway, what a dream that would be! To raise our children (at least for a few years) in a different country. Think of the experiences, memories, and advantages for our kids. And think of all the excitement for us! I would want to write and Brandon would do something at home too, probably. I know there are so many things to think about, but we have some time. I just would be living a dream, being in a different country.

Maybe one day?