Monday, October 5, 2009

My Pets

Winston, our cat. We got him a few weeks ago, when he was 7 and a half weeks. It was fun at first, but then he started peeing on the floor. Ok, we can clean that up, it's hardwood. Then he started peeing on the couches! So he's been locked up in the laundry room. We hear him meowing all the time, trying to get out. I feel bad, but it's better than cat-pee couches. He got neutered on Saturday. We're hoping that stops the couch-peeing!

He has a fun personality though. He loves being around people and he loves being petted. He also is a fighter - he'll play with your arm and hand, and it bites hard. I think he picked that up from playing with Dexter. He's gotten bigger now, gained about a pound and a half, and is longer and less little!

Dexter, our dog. He's a border collie. We got him a week after Winston, at 8 and a half weeks. He'll be 10 weeks old tomorrow. He's been pretty good, though he's been sick for a week. The meds we got on Friday aren't totally working, I think. But we're going to the vet tomorrow for a regular check up, maybe they can check him out!

He has such a personality, I'm used to him now! When we go on walks, he always tries to go to the wrong person's house when we're going home. He sits down a lot, anywhere, anytime. He watches you. He likes to climb on shelves for some reason! There's the bottom shelf of a bookshelf he sits on, and he lays under the coffee table where there is a shelf. It's funny. He chases the sprinkler, and runs in circles outside with his bone. He plays with the one dollar toys more than the more expensive ones. He loves to climb on your lap if you're sitting on a floor (a problem for when he's bigger!!). He is sweet, hyper, extremely smart (knows how to sit and stay already, among other things).

I love my pets. They tire me out, they drive me crazy, but I love it! It gives me something to do. ;)