Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Getting my Master's...

...would it be a waste of time and money?

I'm debating whether I should go get my Master's in History or not. Part of me wants to continue my education and get that degree, but also part of me thinks it would be a waste of time. I don't think I want a career in History. There's not much I can do except teach... then again, if I did want to get a job in History I have a much better chance if I have a Master's.

In the future I really just want to be a writer. That's my goal. I want to write books and sell them. I want to stay at home with my kids, when I have them. Basically a stay-at-home mom with a writing career on the side!

So is it worth it to go back to school for 2 more years and get my Master's? Or is it better for me to stick with the Bachelor's and concentrate on my writing? I do have plenty of time to go back to school - I am young still! The problem I might face is it would be harder when we do have children. Lots to think about!

Decisions, decisions!


Amie said...

I say take some time and think about it. In theory, you have the rest of your life if you want to go back and get it.

side note- going to college when you have kids is hard, but not that hard and very do-able. I've half way through with my Bachelors and I have 2 kiddos running around. It does take some time juggling though.

Good luck with your decision!