Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Last Leg

This is a quick one!

August 29

We left Las Vegas in the early afternoon, on our way to Los Angeles, our last stop on the mainland. It was a very hot trip, so thank goodness we have air conditioning. It was a long drive for being so short. We could taste the end of driving. The scenery consisted of dirt, sand, cactus, and some small hills. It was a desert, it is a desert. There were glimmers of hope in the casinos we saw through Nevada, and the small towns we encountered on our way through Los Angeles. It didn't even feel like we hit Los Angeles when we did. As we turned towards my friends house where we were staying, we saw the fire burning on our right, to the east. The world was on fire. I even saw flames at one point. The smoke clouds were a constant reminder during our stay in L.A. of the fire to the east.

We arrived at our friends house by dinner time, and they took us to an Italian restaurant, where we met some of their friends, who also happened to be Canadian. They were very nice! We saw Sean Astin there, the guy who plays Samwise in LOTR. Needless to say, I was ecstatic at the fact of seeing a famous person. We had desert at a yogurt shop before crashing for the night.

It was a good trip through the United States. From Georgia we went through Alabama, Mississippi, Tennessee (if only for a moment), Arkansas, Oklahoma, Kansas, Colorado (for a long moment), Utah, Arizona (also for a brief glimpse), Nevada, and California. I don't know the exact mileage, even though we calculated it, but it was over 3000 miles after it was all said and done!

Next blog will be about our time in L.A. Right now, it's job searching time.