Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Colorful Colorado, Part Dos

I'm sitting at the Schofield Barracks library right now being lazy. I should be applying for jobs, but I spent the last hour surfing the web! I wanted to update my blog, though, so here I am! I'll job search when I'm done. I got time. ;) (Oh, I forgot to say on the 19th we had dinner at my mom's!)

August 20-25

That Thursday the in-law's and I went on a hike up near Garden of the Gods, past Glen Eyrie castle. It was beautiful! That was a waterfall and then we stopped at the end where the Punch Bowls are. I had so much fun. I missed hiking. Dad used to bring us all the time, but I haven't really gone much since high school. (Mostly because ROTC consists of it's own type of hiking and I hated it, haha). Anyway, the hike was beautiful. We spent the morning until lunch-time doing that. Afterwards we had to go downtown. Then we had dinner at this brew pub. It was yummy. :)

I can't even remember what we did Friday... Oh, I do now! We went to the zoo! That's when we lost our camera. :( It sucks. Brandon had it and put it down somewhere, and I forgot to check too, and it was gone. Someone probably stole it. We ended up buying the same exact one a couple days afterwards, and that one broke just a couple days ago. Ugh. At least we have a warranty!

Saturday we spent the day at the Pueblo Reservoir. It was fun. We took Brandon's grandfather's jetski and played on the lake. I freaked out because of the waves several times, and couldn't go swimming because I started packing. I'm not ready for water sports yet!

Sunday Brandon brought me up to the top of Pikes Peak. What a view! We could see the mountains to the west and everything else to the east. It was beautiful. We then went to my mom's for dinner that Sunday. That was eventful in its own ways, but I won't elaborate. :) We said goodbye to my family that night.

Monday was a day of just getting stuff done. We packed up our stuff that day. I'm sure we did stuff with Brandon's family but I can't remember! This is payment for not blogging soon enough, huh? Anyway, we had dinner with them that night as a sort of send-off.

Tuesday was our last day in Colorado Springs. We went shooting in the morning at a neighbors house (he has 40 acres) and then had to run some errands. We said goodbye to Brandon's family in the Wal-Mart parking lot. We then went to my dad's house, where we had some pizza with dad, Kat, Jenny, Shannon, the boys, and some of my dad's friends. It was a nice final night to our Colorado journey.

The time went by fast there and it was nice to visit, but it was time for us to move on to our next adventure.


alkvoelker said...

I absolutely love Colorado. My family used to vacation there every year. Hope I can go back soon.