Thursday, September 3, 2009

Raging Road-Trip

Since I type a lot, I need to break down my segments even further. This one will probably be shorter, since it covers only two days, and not much happened!

August 14-15

We couldn't hit the road early because we had to get our flight itinerary from the travel office, who messed it up previously. So we drove the opposite direction to Fort Benning and waited at the office. Finally they got everything sorted out and we could get out on the road! It was after 8am by now. We started to follow our trusty GPS when Brandon's mom called, asking if we could stop by a store where she saw some good chicken feeders that she wanted to get (when she visited us). So we said sure.

After stopping at the store, we finally go on the road. It was 9:15-9:30. Ok, that was fine, we were making ok time. We left Georgia fairly quickly and got into Alabama, which looked a lot like Georgia! Drove up to Birmingham, where we stopped for some lunch at Subway and switched drivers to me. I drove through Alabama and Mississippi, our next state, into Tennessee (very shortly to get through Memphis) and right in Arkansas! We switched again shortly after crossing the state border. It was nearing dinner time by then.

We stopped somewhere in Arkansas, I think, to grab some fast food. Then we continued on to Oklahoma. We weren't sure if we wanted to stop in Tulsa or to continue on. Once we reached Tulsa, though, we saw that we had enough energy to continue, so we did! We went straight to Wichita, Kansas, and arrived at 11:30 Central Time... so like 12:30 Eastern, making us very extremely tired.

It's ok though, we rested that night, got up kind of early, and hit the road through Kansas! It was a long drive through Kansas, and we switched towards the end so I could drive the rest of the way. We hit Colorado, which looked a lot like Kansas until you hit the Front Ranger. It was nice to be home! That night we were going to my dad's for my older sister's party, so our trip ended there, in Longmont.

No incidents or accidents, except for Brandon running over an armadillo in Oklahoma... but that's a whole other story!


Britters said...

I'm from Colorado...just made the drive from there to North Carolina in June. Kansas has to be the most BORING state in the country to drive through! LOL! Nothing there but cornfields and tumbleweed.