Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Goodbye Georgia

Ok, so since I haven't blogged in what feels like an eternity, I'm going to recap my past few weeks into 4 or 5 separate "segments" so as to make it easier on me. I'm starting with leaving Georgia, then our road-trip to Colorado, then Las Vegas and L.A., and ending it with our arrival in Hawaii! So welcome to the first part :)

August 10-13

It was a hectic week before we were planning on leaving. Monday, Brandon spent the morning trying to complete some more paperwork before we headed up to Atlanta to drop off his car. We drove separately, so I could drive him back. They inspected his car and got it checked in and we said goodbye to Burnie! It was a fairly easy day, except for the hour and a half there and the hour and a half back! Then we had the Brooks' over for dinner, since they had just arrived in Georgia.

Tuesday we got ready for some movers to come get our unaccompanied baggage. This is stuff, up to 900 lbs, that we can send before the rest of our things to get there early. Essentials mostly - linens, towels, kitchen things, etc. They came around lunchtime and packed everything fairly quickly, and hauled it off. Easy day!

Wednesday was when the movers were scheduled to come and pack the rest of our apartment. They came mid-morning and got going. It didn't take them that long at all to pack all our things up (they had 3 people). They were supposed to come pick up everything the next day, but the driver asked if we didn't mind them packing everything up in the crates that day. We said sure, why not! It would make our lives easier. They were there for a long time, until dinnertime almost, but our stuff got crated up and was ready to go. Our place was empty now. :( We spent that night with the Brooks' on their futon, thank goodness for them!

Thursday we cleaned our apartment before the carpet and apartment inspection. Brandon had to run to Benning to complete more paperwork, since we were leaving the next day. Everything went fairly well, except they booked us the wrong flight. We didn't get flight information until Friday before we left.

Anyway, Thursday night was at the Brooks house again. We were excited, nervous, happy, and everything in between, for our trip to Colorado!