Wednesday, January 14, 2009


I really haven't done much since Brandon has left! I'm waiting patiently for school to start. I'm excited because, oddly enough, I love school. I'm taking a history of Christianity class, which looks pretty cool. Hopefully it isn't full of religious nuts that look down on others! I'm taking a history of modern Europe class, which is a 100 level so it'll be full of freshman, but hopefully not too difficult. Then I'm taking Hellenistic Philosophy, to complete my Philosophy minor. This one will be pretty cool, hopefully... To round it out is my ROTC class, which is boring usually. But it's required.

I've been running, trying to get my run time down. It's difficult! I can do my quarter mile in about 2.01 minutes, that's what I'm usually at. I'm pretty proud of that, though I'd really love 1.55! I slow down a bit after that and my half mile has been around 4.30. The last one I did was 4.21, which was nice. The colonel wants it under 4 minutes, so I'm working on that. I finish the mile, which ends up around 10 minutes, sucky. But the last mile I did was 9.45. I'm getting down there!! I'd really love 8.30, which would put my two mile at 17 minutes if I kept that pace. I'd love a two mile at 18 minutes at the very least. I know, it's not that fast for most people, but it's fast for me!

When I turn 22, I won't have to worry about trying to make 60 points on my PT test run by 18.54, because my minimum time goes up to 19.36. That'll be a relief!