Monday, January 5, 2009

Hospitals and Movies

My mom went to the hospital Saturday morning. She's been having chest pains for 6 weeks now, seemingly random, and this one was worse than ever before. Here it is explained in an email from my step-brother, Matt:

"Dad woke me up around 4:45 AM. "Jan, Ambulance." De ja vu. I turned on all the lights to make sure they knew which house to go to and started flashing them when I could see the ambulance on the road. They left around 5:15 AM. After Jan arrived at the ER, the pain started again, and her heart stopped for about two minutes; as a result of this, her brain stopped receiving oxygen and she went into a seizure. Dad immediately recognized the signs and shouted for a crash cart. They quickly defibbed and she was OK again, but unconscious. They then took her in for an angiogram and found no blockage in any of her major arteries, but did see that her heart muscle was not contracting properly; the stress on her heart from the intermittent pain she's been having over the past couple of months apparently caused this damage."

So basically they say that the pain is not caused by her heart. The reason her heart freaked out and she went into cardiac arrest was because she was in so much pain her body couldn't handle it.

Right now the doctors want to put in a defib on her heart, which basically would be permanent, in case the pain comes again and her heart stops again. Mom and John are trying to avoid that, of course, because she would have it forever. They have a Gastro-Intestinal doctor working on her, though after a series of scans and other tests, they found nothing. She's perfectly healthy.

She'll be in the hospital for a little bit, until they find out what's wrong. I'm pretty sure both her and John are getting impatient (most especially John! He gets impatient in hospitals, haha), and they want to leave soon with some liquid morphine and no diagnosis. I told them to try and be patient, the doctors will hopefully come up with something. We'll see though!

As for movies, I wanted to say we've been watching a ton. Though our Matrix movie was messed up and we couldn't watch the third one :(. Otherwise, lots of movies! We went to the theatres yesterday and saw "Seven Pounds." Very intense, I wanted to cry but restrained myself, unlike one girl a few rows up who was literally sobbing. She was making us uncomfortable! I prayed for loud sounds in the movie to drown out the cries...

Brandon leaves in 4ish days. Not that I'm counting. We packed everything and we're just waiting to go.

<3 Chantal