Monday, January 4, 2010

Doggy School! And other things...

Dexter started school on Saturday. I was so excited!! He was overstimulated by all the dogs and smells and just being outside. The first day was mostly telling us what to expect, what we'll be learning, stuff like that.

We did learn a couple basic things though. The first was a way to settle down the dog (get him to sit facing out between your knees while you kneel, then tell him Settle while holding his collar with your right hand and petting him with your left. It works, seriously). The next was the release command (we use OK). The last was a basic sit command, which Dex already knows, but we had to get him perpendicular to us and do a "tuck sit", where he doesn't move his front legs. Thank goodness he does it well!

My highlight of doggy training on Saturday was we were standing behind another border collie puppy who had the same eyes and face as Dexter, though he was tri-color (had some brown on him). The lady came to us at the end and asked where we got Dexter because she thought they might be brothers. Come to find out, they were born from the same mom on the same day - Definitely brothers!! They were jumping on each other and just being so cute. I love it! Now his brother is in the same class as us!

The rest of the weekend was nice. We spent Saturday afternoon with friends of ours from Georgia, Sarah and Luke, who are here from Alaska with Luke's family. We made them some Mahi Mahi and then went to get some shave ice on the North Shore. It was a good afternoon! It was so nice to be able to talk to someone other than Brandon for a change haha.

Sunday was a relaxing day because Brandon starts work up again today. We played games and then went to Barnes and Noble (there's only one on the island) because he had a gift certificate from his birthday to use. He bought two books (Ender in Exile by Orson Scott Card, and Next by Michael Crichton). He let me get a book, so I bought The Other Boleyn Girl by Philippa Gregory, a book I've been wanting for awhile. Then we came home and played games.

Today I was going to start working out, and almost didn't go but then my phone went off and I couldn't sleep anymore. So off I went! Halfway on my walk to the workout area in the community center I saw the lights on and people on all 3 machines. Whoops, no working out there. I came home to try my yoga/pilates DVD that I got with my yoga mat. It was nearly impossible to do with Dexter licking me, jumping on me and laying on the mat. I quit after that! I really want Wii Active... I'll talk to Brandon today about it.

We're back to normal again. Brandon working, me doing my thing during the day (writing especially), and just living our lives. Not too much longer now before everything starts getting a little more serious!

(Sorry this was so long, I always have so much to say!)