Sunday, January 10, 2010

So far...

We are having fun! My dad and stepmom, Kat, are perfect guests and are helping us with everything. They say since we're giving them a place to live and not have to rent a car, then they can spend more money on us, haha.

They got here Friday night, so we didn't do anything except talk and drink, but Saturday we went to Bellows Beach. First, in the morning we did dog training (they came with us and went walking around the Mililani Shopping Center while we trained), then it was off to the beach. My dad had fun boogie boarding! Saturday night we made a steak dinner.

Today it was rainy so we didn't go to the beach, and since Brandon had staff duty and couldn't leave post, we didn't go very far. In the morning we went to a farmer's market in Mililani and Kat bought us some great food (it was so fun! We're definitely going back). We even got some local honey and starfruit and Hawaiian peppers (HOT!). Then we came home and decided to go to the Wahiawa Botanical Gardens. It was so pretty! Then the downpour came, so we stayed inside and played games. So far it's been a great day!

Since Brandon's working, I'll be shuttling them around touring the island. We have a few hikes planned, some kayaking and some snorkeling. It'll be a good week!