Monday, January 18, 2010

The rest of the trip...

So Thursday was an easy day (ok, they were all easy days). First we went to Target to buy me some chair cushions for our chairs. We finally found some! We wanted to go snorkeling afterwards at Hanauma Bay but when we drove all the way out there, the parking lot was full. Frustrated and hungry we drove off in search of Subway. My lovely GPS brought us high on a mountain in a neighborhood to the supposed Subway where I promptly found it on my phone and we went to the real Subway.

After Subway we were going to drive to another beach to swim at. As we were driving by Hanauma Bay, though, the parking lot was open again! So we went right in. It was great to snorkel with dad (Kat went with dad afterwards since we only had two sets). I scratched my leg by accident on some rocks/coral, though it didn't hurt too bad. After a couple hours of swimming and sunbathing we went home and got stuck in horrible traffic!

Friday we wanted to do a hike. We decided on Manoa Falls down near Diamondhead (we were going to do that hike but the stairs would be too much for Kat's knees). It was a pretty hike! It was short and easy to do too. We wanted to go to the beach so we went to Hickam AFB... and found out there was a huge party going on so the beach was packed... Instead we just went home to do errands and laundry and hang out (it was already mid-afternoon anyway). It was a relaxing day!

Saturday was a busy busy day. Brandon started the day by bringing them early to Waimea Bay to watch the waves and surfers. I stayed home because of Dexter's puppy class. They went to shop and have breakfast in Haleiwa after the bay. Puppy class went great for me! We met up after the class and got ready to do to Kailua where we were going to kayak.

Kayaking was terrifying for me. I almost drowned once and since then it's been a big fear for me. The waves freaked me out and so did the close coral underneath. It was hard for me... I sea turtle scared me! lol. We saw a few of those on our trip around Kailua bay. We kayaked for a couple hours (Brandon jumped out and snorkeled beside us for a bit) before turning in the kayaks and heading home to clean up.

After cleaning up we decided to get dinner downtown. It was a Saturday night, of course, so it was horribly busy everywhere we went. We found a little restaurant with hardly any wait and decided to go there. After eating we went to the beach bar at the Hale Koa and listened to some live music. It was time to go to the airport after some time so we packed up and went there. Brandon and I got home about 11 o'clock!

It was a good trip. They were great guests! It's nice to have our house back. Now we need to catch up on all the shows we DVR'd during the week haha.

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