Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Work out? Ha!

I told myself once Brandon started work again that I'd get back into my work out routine. You know, getting up when he gets up, then going to the gym across the street for some cardio and lifting weights. I stopped it back in December when Brandon got home... mostly just because of being lazy.

Here's a problem: Brandon gets up earlier than before now. Like 5:15 not 5:45. This sucks! So I decided to let myself sleep for a bit before getting up to work out. But I sleep and sleep and sleep. It feels so heavenly too. I usually let Dexter up on the bed after Brandon leaves and we nap together. Sometimes I sleep until right before he gets home, so like 7:30ish. But I feel so great! I have the whole bed and it's so cozy...

So I decided I want something I can do at home. Maybe that'll give me incentive to get up. I'd love to have Wii Active to work out to... and I've been trying to convince Brandon to get it for me... maybe this weekend?

Also, I've finally lost my Christmas weight. I gained about 4 pounds then started back on the Richard Simmons diet this week, and I'm back down 4 pounds! Yay. Maybe I'll lose even more. :P

Life has been going good. Brandon has started pre-deployment stuff. He started with medical things yesterday, but thank goodness he didn't have to get any of the shots! He's also done a mental health assessment. He's waited in line a long time!

Weather has been good - rainy, but good. My dad and stepmom get here on Friday, so we're kind of excited. Today I might hear back from the Dole Plantation job. Wish me luck!