Tuesday, April 27, 2010

A big D in the distance

So you know that whole light at the end of the tunnel thing? Well I think we're nearing the tunnel. The light isn't even in our sights yet. But I can see that tunnel and it's coming fast!

Brandon has been home from NTC for what, 4 weeks now? Why does time fly so fast when he's home? I feel like the days are wasting away and we're hardly getting anything done. His parents are coming to visit in exactly 4 weeks and that means that will be his block leave and THAT means... Deployment.

I don't think I realize it yet. Sometimes I look at the calendar and think, crap, that's pretty close. Sometimes I just go about my day like normal. What else can you do, right? I know this deployment is coming but I'm sort of in the denial stages. I think it's because we've never been through this before. I'm not having too much anxiety because I don't know what will happen. I do feel sad, I do feel grumpy and angry, but I push those feelings away most of the time because I can't waste my time with them.

I have been feeling anxious about having this job! I just started work yesterday, doing training. But it worries me that other coworkers whose husbands are leaving with mine might take time off to be with them and I'll be left to pick up the pieces. I don't want to be working those last few days when Brandon is leaving. That scares me.

Some business: When the deployment starts, I'll be switching over to a new blog. This one will still be around but I won't be using it for a year. My new blog is called A Blog a Day While You're Away. I'll basically be writing a blog every day while Brandon is gone. So please click on the link below, sign up as a follower, tell your friends, and be ready for some blogging action when I start it.

A Blog a Day While You're Away

Have a good day, everyone!


Jesse and Marissa said...

Good for you, Chantal! I checked out the new blog, and it's great that you already have a list of stuff to do while he's gone. I found that I had a lot I wanted to do...But as things progressed I got more comfortable where I was and didn't bother doing anything anymore! Definitely stick to it...You'll probably be grateful you have stuff to keep you busy those first few weeks! :)