Saturday, April 17, 2010

Hello, World

I feel like I should blog. I had a great idea a couple of days ago but when it came down to it, my mind went blank. I just want to give you a little update and news, I suppose!

Brandon has another 4 day weekend, which is both nice and scary. I worry we won't have enough stuff to do and we'll get bored! So far, so good. Yesterday we went to Mokuleia Beach on the North Shore to play in the sand and let Dexter run out some energy. It was definitely too cold and windy and wavy for swimming. Then Brandon brought me out to dinner in Haleiwa at a pizza place that serves hamburgers ;). The burgers were so great! Horribly juicy, I made a mess, but it was great.

Today we're going on a bike ride around post. I like going on bike rides with him, it's a good bonding experience. I get a good workout too because he's faster than me. I don't know what else we're doing today... I'm doing some laundry though! Might mow the lawn. No clue, actually. Tomorrow we might have some friends over for a BBQ and a game night. That will be fun!

Everything else is going well. I hate editing my book, btw. It's just such a boring process! Not as much fun as writing or even reading it. Now, I have to think about it. So I'm crawling through this process. I think maybe this weekend we will start work on the garden I want. I have no clue where to start with all that but I think I'm just going to jump right in. I'm sort of excited!

So, how are you guys?


Dawn said...


Tell me more! You got me all excited!