Wednesday, April 14, 2010

So... what will you do with a history degree anyway?

Join the Army, of course!

Ok, that used to be my answer. Now we all know that particular thing didn't work out (um, thanks plantar fasciitis), I have to come up with a new answer. So usually it goes something like this:

"So you got a degree in History, huh? What are you gonna do with that?"
"Hm... *chuckle nervously, look around* Well, I was going to be in the Army, but then I got injured, so instead I stay at home and write."
"Oh, write, huh?" Usually followed by skeptical looks.
"Yep, I want to be a writer. I just finished a novel a couple months ago, actually, and I'm in the process of editing it."
"That's awesome!" (Followed by a far off look of wonderment I don't deserve :P)

Anyway, yes, that's how it goes nowadays. Awhile back when I told people what I majored in they would automatically assume I would be a teacher. Because really, what else can you do with a History degree? A lot of things, actually. Most things deal with clerical work, but there's some cool jobs like museum curator, consultant, writer of fantastic things, and the list goes on. I scoffed at the idea of becoming a teacher (hm, much like I scoffed at the idea of becoming a professional writer).

Now that I've started this Substitute Teacher's Course I'm sorta, kinda, really loving it. I know, I haven't even stepped foot in a classroom yet... but still! I love all the ideas I'm getting for teaching my very own high school history class. I keep coming up with projects, activities, lessons, etc., and it's making me excited.

So let's see what happens, right? Let's see me doing some subbing first and then maybe consider a career in teaching in the future. I obviously wouldn't do it here (ok, maybe not obvious to you, but I won't go into it), but maybe when we get back to Colorado I can look into it. I wouldn't want to do it while our kids are real young... I'm planning for the future again!

Let's see what happens. ;)