Friday, April 9, 2010


1. I got a job! It's part-time, on-call, so I'm expecting not to work much, which is what I want, haha. It's at the ticket office on post. I'm kind of excited, though I think Brandon is a bit more excited. He wasn't as accepting of my job as a stay-at-home-wife/writer.

2. I started my Substitute Teacher's Course earlier this week. It's pretty cool so far! I'm more excited about being a substitute than the other job so if I started getting a bunch of sub jobs I'll quit the first job. And anyway, I make more money as a substitute. Like $150 a day. Wee.

3. Our living room is getting a makeover! I admit, I was excited about it until it changed then I got some anxiety about the whole thing. I just have trouble with change. So Brandon bought a surround sound system for the living room, which is great. Then we decided to move Goliath, our big rear-projection 65" TV, and replace him with David, our smaller 40" flat screen from upstairs. We were just getting tired of Goliath taking up so much space in the living room. That's the biggest change that I'm still having problems with, just because it's a very noticeable change. Oh, and we're going to be getting a new couch, hopefully. These ones are seeing the end of their days and I'd really love something of our own, you know? After the couch we'll be pretty much set on furniture!

4. Dexter has been a sick puppy the last 3 weeks. First neutering, then diagnosed with mange, then a UTI, followed by a broken foot, and lately he's been puking and having diarrhea. Poor puppy. I hope he gets better!

5. Brandon's home. That's a big change. My house is a mess because of it! But I expected it, so I'm not too surprised. ;)


Jesse and Marissa said...

Congrats on the job! I hope your doggie starts feeling better too!