Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Crazy Tuesday

Alright, so the day began at 4:45am when Brandon got up. He came back to bed after shaving and changing for a few minutes, then he was off to PT early this morning. However, because of his wisdom teeth surgery and a hurt foot, he didn't have to do PT. He was home at 6am! I didn't notice, I was passed out upstairs with the cat. Dexter went down to investigate, though. ;)

We relaxed all morning until we showered, I ate, and Brandon marched off to work. Again, he didn't have to stay because he had surgery today. Everything was going well! I wrote, I edited, he played games, Dexter ran around in the backyard, Winston slept, what a morning!

Around 11 we had to get up and moving. Our first stop was the kennel where we'll be boarding Dexter next week. He had to go today for a trial-run to make sure he'll be OK. They do an open-room kennel, so all the dogs are running around together, and we had to make sure Dexter would be OK. When we get there they first tell us we needed to pay for a bath because he was dirty. Seriously, his paws were a little brown from running in the red dirt outside, but do we really need to pay for a bath? He wasn't even that dirty! Then they ask if he's gotten the Bordatella shot. I was sure he had, but it wasn't on his records... sooo...

That was frustrating. We left him there and hopped off to Tripler. We had to wait awhile because they were backed up, so we sat in the waiting room. Then Brandon got taken back and I was sent up to get some medicine for him. I did a pit stop at the food court and grabbed a corn dog, macaroni salad, regular salad, yogurt and sweet potato fries for only $3.90. Score. Then I had to walk a mile to the outpatient pharmacy with a heavy backpack to get his pain meds and some mouthwash.

After I hiked back, I spent an hour or so in the waiting room studying for my Substitute Teacher's Course exam tomorrow, reading other stuff, playing games... and then they called my name. I went up and had to walk the mile back to the pharmacy to pick up some antibiotics. Ugh. So again, I trekked across Tripler to get him some meds. What we do for love!

By this time it's almost 3 o'clock. Mind you, I had to pick up Dexter by 3:30 and we're at least 15 minutes away without traffic. Yikes! Luckily Brandon came out shortly after 3. Poor guy was swollen, bloody and groggy from his surgery. We hurried through traffic and got to the kennel by 3:35.

Good news though: I figured out that Bordatella is actually the kennel cough vaccine, and Dexter has gotten that! He got it from another vet so it wasn't on his main records. Yay! Oh, and they didn't charge us to wash his dirty feet. Score #2.

Brandon is home now, hopped up on pain meds, but he actually looks good. He can open his mouth almost all the way and he's eating mashed potatoes right now. I expect a quick recovery. Heck, he isn't even that swollen. I'm sorta jealous that he's feeling so good when I didn't feel as grand after my surgery. :P


blank said...

wow busy! I'm going to be getting my wisdom teeth out later this month (scared!!!) I've been putting it off since I was 16... but they officially NEED to come out.

And don't you love it when dogs DON'T cost extra money? Sometimes I feel like my vet is just draining me for every last penny... :|

Chantal said...

My surgery was great for my wisdom teeth! Same with Brandon's today. Don't worry too much :)

I LOVE when my dog doesn't cost me more money. It's fantastic. Haha.