Thursday, May 27, 2010

Well, I did have something to say...

And I forgot about it. I've been busy lately! Brandon's parents arrived on Tuesday so we've been entertaining them along with us both working (Brandon's CO took his leave away for the last few days) and the normal stuff we do. It's been fun though. Today we're going snorkeling in the morning at Hanauma Bay, then we're having burgers at The Counter, might go shopping at Whole Foods for a bit, and call it a day in the afternoon. Brandon has to get a DA photo done and I have a Pampered Chef party tonight that I'm super excited about.

You know, most times when I have nothing to say, I post a blog post so my mom can know I'm alive. ;) It's ok mom, I'm just busy!

Brandon's deployment is looming ever closer. We have two dates he'll probably be leaving, but I'm not allowed to say exactly when. Let me tell you, it's about a month or so. Ah! I hate to say that. I got my work schedule for June and seeing it all planned out like that just... frightens me. I think I'm prepared for it though, but I need to jump in head first and see where the current takes me.

We're getting professional photos done in a couple weeks. I really wanted some before his deployment and I'm finally getting it done!

Anyway, I'm not scared of him leaving. I have a great support system here, I have plans and vacations to look forward to, and I've done very mini-deployments that give me a taste. At work it's great that people come in who have been or are stationed at the same base Brandon is going to in Iraq. I love it! I ask them al kinds of questions and it soothes me to know that he'll be alright. The base he's going to, if he's still going to it, is a good place to be. For Iraq anyway...

The sad thing, though? I'm going to Canada in a couple months and people keep telling me they're excited to meet Brandon. I have to keep telling them "Nope, he won't be there. Just me this time." Oh well, that's the military!


Mrs_A said...

I hate when I go back to Texas and people ask me, "Where's Jesse??" and I have to say.. "I'm sorry, he's working and won't be able to come back here for another year ." It sucks that hardly any of my friends and family "know" him, they just know what i've told them about him. Anyway, hope you have fun with the in-laws. :)