Friday, May 14, 2010


No, not the show. Or the other show. Nope, that's my puppy. I love him. It's probably some unnatural attachment to him because I watched him grow up in front of me (and heck, he's only 9 months old), but I love him. Oh my God, he pisses me off. He chews, he digs, he bites, he barks and barks and barks. But that dog has made me laugh, given me company while Brandon is away and cheered me up on gloomy days.

First off, I feel bad enough that I started a job and can't spend as much time with him. I mean, who wouldn't want to spend time with this guy?

Today we started a marriage retreat. It's been pretty cool! We're very grateful that the Army is paying us to stay at a beautiful resort, paying for all our meals and our room, and giving us some helpful marriage advice along the way. Goodness me, though, I hated dropping that dog off at the kennel. Now this kennel is top notch. He's basically in a "doggy daycare" sort of kennel where the entire room is open, he's not put in a cage, and he plays with dogs all day. Can't beat that! This morning we even went on a long hike with him. When I dropped him off he wanted to come with us and not go in the room with her. Broke my heart.

Look at him as a puppy and tell me he wouldn't break your heart:

When he was a baby, I could only take pictures of him when he was sleeping, he was always moving. Now, I can get him to sit still for the picture! He's a good boy.

The best part about this top notch kennel? It has webcams. Oh goodness, I am addicted. I can watch that dog of mine play with other dogs, or just sit there, or sleep, all from my resort. Yep, unnatural attachment. I can't even go one day without my puppy. I know he's a handful (he's a Border Collie puppy, what do you expect?) but he's my Dexter and I love him. Now how's about some more pictures?

His ear sticking up:

Laying around:

My puppy and I:

At the beach! A couple of my fave pictures of him:


Jesse and Marissa said...

I love your puppy photos!

Have fun on your retreat!!

Oh and I gave you an award :)