Monday, May 3, 2010

Wisdom Teeth!

Brandon is FINALLY getting his wisdom teeth out on Tuesday. He was supposed to get them out a couple weeks ago but when we got to the Schofield clinic they said they were only going to use localized numbing. Brandon was tempted to get it done then just to get it over with but I urged him not to. I'd rather have him happier and knocked out!

So he went down to Tripler for a pre-op appointment last week and made his appointment for tomorrow. We're loaded up with soup, jello, bananas, fruit for smoothies, and loads of potatoes for mashed potatoes. I did pretty well after my surgery (I do well after all my surgeries), but I haven't dealt with Brandon after a surgery... I suppose we'll see!

Today we both have the day off. We have some errands to run but I think we might go snorkeling if we decide the cloudy weather won't deter us. Tomorrow during Brandon's surgery Dexter goes to the kennel for a "test" for 2-4 hours to make sure he gets along with other dogs and can handle being away from us. I bet he'll be fine! Next week is our marriage retreat - we're super excited!

Have a good day everyone :D


Just Anchored said...

Good Luck to the hubs on his surgery and the puppy on the test and to YOU or taking care of your man after surgery! Guys are such big babies!

Sarah said...

Goodness, you're got a lot going on!! Hope everything goes well tomorrow. And, just out of curiosity, why are you taking your pup for a "test"?