Monday, December 7, 2009

A new bike, a good weekend, and a breakthrough!!

We'll start with the breakthrough... twice now, Dexter has gone into his crate without me forcing him to! Before, he knew what it meant, so he would avoid me and I would have to carry him and place him in there. He usually was good afterwards, though, he just hated going in. Well yesterday, I said "Let's go!" and went upstairs and he went straight into his crate and sat down. We were shocked! Also now if we're upstairs he goes and lays down in his crate just to rest. I'm so proud of my puppy!!

So this weekend was good. Brandon got a whole four day weekend again, because they missed Veteran's Day while training. Thursday I had a doctor's appointment and work, so we didn't really do much. Friday we spent the afternoon Christmas shopping for our families back on the mainland, it was fun! Got lots of stuff that I'm sending off today.

Saturday morning we went on a hike to Kaena Point (picture of the ocean below). It was beautiful! The ocean was to our right and to our left were large cliffs/hills. The "dirt" road was totally a 4x4 road, covered with large muddy puddles and dips. Dexter loved to run through all the puddles. We went down to the beach a couple of times, but the waves were so huge and ferocious, we tried to stay away. Brandon once went out of a rock and a wave nearly knocked him over! Anyway, we walked about 4 miles or so altogether. We couldn't make it to the point because dogs weren't allowed, but we plan on going back with our bikes and seeing if we can do it. :)

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Speaking of bikes... I got my NaNoWriMo bike!! It's the bike Brandon promised me for finishing NaNoWriMo. It's a Specialized bike, which is a very good brand, and is all decked out with cool gear shifters and disk brakes and a shock system I can turn off. It's also incredibly light and fits me perfectly. I love it. I can't wait to hit some trails or even just ride down to the doctor's for a check up!

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