Sunday, December 27, 2009


We had a wonderful Christmas! We woke up earlier than usual, probably because I was excited or something, and then we went downstairs to open presents. We took our time, don't worry. :P We started with our stockings. Brandon gave me some candy in my stocking, including a chocolate orange! He also put a label maker in there (Yay! I've been wanting one for forever!). Brandon's stocking had lots of candy, some underwear, a back scratcher, some toy cars, and other trinkets.

We started opening presents. The big ones I got were a food processor (awesome!), diamond earrings (beautiful!), Super Mario Bros Wii (yeah!), the new Star Trek movie (woohoo!), a couple new books (yay!), some stuff for my bike, and a corkscrew and cheese grater. (Some of that stuff from Brandon's family). Jenny also got us a cool spinny thing that says United States Army on it!

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Brandon got a 154 piece set of Craftsman tools (fun fun!), new Army gloves, a t-shirt (Relief Pitcher), 3 new movies, the last Michael Crichton book, a gun holster, and some Dominos. He loves everything!

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After presents we called everyone we knew and then we made breakfast. I made fruit salad like my mom always makes, and Brandon made cinnamon rolls like his mom always makes. It was a nice combination of both our traditions!

Then we got to cooking dinner. We cooked most of the stuff the day before, but still had some stuff to do. We made the stuffing first and then prepped the turkey. We also made the onion topping for the green bean casserole, for later. Once the turkey was in we relaxed and played my new video game and just hung out. We were expecting only a couple friends and their son since no one else RSVP'd, but we didn't know if anyone would show!

Towards dinner time we got the rest of the food ready: Mashed potatoes, brown sugar carrots, more stuffing, pickle/olive tray, cranberry sauce, gravy, etc. The turkey came out and was carved soon afterwards. We put everything into serving dishes. It looked great!

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In the end, our friends came real late and we ate alone and watched Star Trek. They stayed for a little bit and we talked, but it was kind of an anti-climactic night. All the food we cooked (almost all of which was the first time we had ever cooked it) turned out awesome! We had a great dinner and now we have awesome leftovers.

Merry Christmas!