Tuesday, December 8, 2009

My Day Today

4:27am - Winston crawls on the bed and onto my face, trying to play with my hair, like every morning. Like every morning, I push him away several times until he gets the picture.

5:00am - Brandon wakes up, turns on bathroom light, I groan and roll over. Dexter wakes up.

5:18am - Brandon is about to leave. Dexter is in his crate whining because he wants to get out. I get up, half asleep, to let him outside.

5:30am - Dexter won't come back inside so I leave him out there and go back to bed.

5:40am - I hear Dexter scratching at the door and whining. I drag myself out of bed again and let him in. He comes upstairs and I put him on the bed, and he sleeps right next to me. I'm not longer angry at him because he's too cute. :)

6:00am - Alarm goes off. I snooze.

6:20am - I was going to go work out at 6:30, but I feel sick from low blood sugar and just don't feel like it. Heck, I don't have to if I don't want to! I read my book for a bit but decide I need to eat something or else.

6:30am - Eat, hang out on the computer doing my regular stuff. Apply for some jobs. Sit outside, decide it's too cold, go back inside.

7:45am - Make coffee for Brandon, he should be home soon.

8:20am - Wonder where Brandon is... then he shows up. He had to find somebody and talk to them so he stayed behind at work. Oh well!

8:30am - Shower, then breakfast, and switch the laundry.

9:10am - Brandon leaves, I go outside to write a bit. It goes well, though I hardly write 1000 words. I need to stop taking breaks and start writing more! I want to finish my novel by Christmas.

9:45am - Put Dexter away, hop on my new bike all excited, head down to occupational therapy for my wrist. Almost fall over once while riding. It's all good. I need to practice more. :P

10:33am - Done with therapy, hop on my bike again, almost fall over twice, get home fairly quickly. I am happy. Fold laundry, let dog out, put away laundry, print stuff out for work, come downstairs to do some Facebook and Cinchouse stuff.

11:25am - Sit outside, wait for Brandon to come home for lunch (if he is going to), and contemplate reading a book.

11:45am - Brandon comes home, we eat lunch together, hang out, play with pets.

12:30pm - Brandon leaves for work, I put the laundry basket over Winston just for fun.

12:32pm - Remove basket, go outside to read and watch Dexter play.

1:20pm - Get everything ready for work, cut up some apples for a snack, put Dexter away.

1:45pm - Get to the school, meet with coworker to chat about work, then start getting to work tutoring the kids.

4:30pm - Finally come back home. I was going to go to Wal-Mart for cookie cutters but decided since I'll be down there tomorrow for a haircut, I'll just drop by tomorrow. Makes more sense anyway! Once I'm home, I bring Dexter out for a much needed walk.

5:10pm - Almost get arm ripped off by dog chasing after someone while I get the mail. Mad.

5:15pm - Get about 3 phone calls at the same time. Yikes!

5:30pm - Cleaned all the bathrooms, finally, and put the water bottle holder on my bike. Now I'm ready!

6:22pm - Finally made and ate dinner. It was turkey breast cooked with string beans on top of a regular salad. It was very good, filling, and healthy. I've lost almost 6 pounds in the last few weeks thanks to the Richard Simmons diet. The first 4-5 pounds came off the first week!

6:30pm - Sat down to watch some shows I've DVR'd. Brandon won't be home until later, he's working late tonight with his troops.

7:36pm - Sit at computer, browse internet, contemplate reading again. I want to finish this book soon!

8:35pm - Brandon finally comes home. Yay!

9:00pm - We're tired, we go to bed. What an eventful day :)