Monday, December 21, 2009

Oh Christmas Tree...

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This Christmas tree has seen better days. It originated in my older sister Jennifer's place, but she hardly ever used it, so it came to Brandon and I. Brandon wasn't totally thrilled at the idea (he didn't even want a tree at first) but it was our first Christmas in our apartment, so I wanted to set it up.

It's sparse, it's course, it's kinda ugly. It lights up when you plug it in.

Except the bottom part, where Winston decided to chew the wires and disconnect the bottom part from the top. Luckily, you can't see the bottom from out the window, so anyone looking in will still see a lovely little Christmas tree.

It's the only thing in our front room now, save for a bar stool, a lamp, Rock Band equipment, and some TV trays. (It's our everything room.) I plug it in every night and love coming out of my bedroom in the morning before the sun comes up to a red, orange, green and blue light filling the room.

It is covered with the 5 ornaments we own, and some candy canes that I can't eat anymore because they make me sick. Brandon has forgotten about them, so he doesn't eat them. There are no presents under the tree because my "children" will go and rip them apart. We don't have stockings hung up because it's our first Christmas without a fireplace. We'll toss them somewhere Christmas Eve!

The tree has been attached by the cat, chewed on by the cat, knocked over by the dog, and has been attached to a frantic and scared puppy, who ran around the house with half a tree around his neck before we subdued him. It has moved from Denver to Colorado Springs to Columbus, GA to Schofield Barracks, HI, without too much damage to it. Every year after Christmas we pack it up in it's broken box and stow it away for the next year. Then it comes out to some grumbling from Brandon and giggling from me.

Eventually we'll get a better tree, but for now, this tree will do. It's been through a lot with us and we couldn't ask for much more.

Except maybe a new wire so the whole thing lights up!